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My Letter To Former FDA Acting Commissioner, Janet Woodcock

Ms. Woodcock, I am a proactive citizen who cares about FDA regulations by law, not opinion. FDA-CVM's branch is regulating certain aspects of the pet food/animal feed industry by a compliance policy, otherwise known as an opinion. The compliance policy FDA-CVM created contracts and further interpreted federal law. regulatory-information/search- fda-guidance-documents/cpg- sec-690800-compliance-policy- guide-salmonella-food-animals . Additionally, FDA-CVM employees are engaging in rulemaking in PRIVATE, via a non profit corporation called AAFCO. I called Eric Nelson who works at FDA-CVM, and he stated you are the one forcing him to attend AAFCO meetings, develop regulations in private, and cutting us in the public  out  of the rulemaking process.  Interestingly as I investigated this privatized regulation process, I came across the fact that public state and federal regulators who are acting under this private corporation shield, hired a private attorney named

Democracy Comes After FDA-CVM

People have power. Ordinary people, you and I , have power ! That is an INCREDIBLE aspect of our country, but sadly it's not exercised by almost all citizens. I can understand. It's difficult to juggle it all. You have to wake up, go to work. Most people have kids, bills, and are probably only scraping by. Playing an active role as a proactive citizen is difficult. It takes serious work and focus, and you have to figure out how to keep plowing through when all the cards are stacked against you.  The regulatory officials at FDA-CVM and most states know this as well, and they know it first hand. For almost their entire existence, they've been able to get away with regulating by their "opinion", making regulations in private, and respectfully, misleading the public on a variety of issues relating to human and animal health. One thing I've analyzed over the past decade is how some of these "pet food" topics are very nuanced and complicated, and how FDA-C

FDA On Why They're Not Researching Obesity And Cancer Epidemics

On December 3, 2020, Ali Kashani and Ashlee Rose Ferguson of the Washington Department Of Agriculture received and email asking about epidemics not being investigated by "regulatory" officials. Mr. Kashani and Ms. Ferguson both communicate directly with various FDA officials on a variety of issues, including FDA's "DCM investigation", and FDA's "zero tolerance" policy targeting raw pet food via "opinion", not law. So, why isn't FDA and states investigating potentially two of the largest epidemics in the pet food industry, obesity and cancer? Could it be that "investigating" the obesity epidemic could lead to agencies having to admit that ingredients such as grains could be a major issue here? And with the cancer epidemic? Is food actually involved here, and if so, does the questionably low quality of ingredients regulatory allows in pet food have anything to do with the industry's high cancer rate? The email stated, &quo