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Welcome to The Pet Schooled Press!

Welcome to The Pet Schooled Press. Today, I launch this reporting endeavor as part of my continued effort to bring as much information to the public as possible. After reporting on and researching the pet food industry an estimated seven years, there's still so much to communicate to the public at large.  In March 2020, I launched the reporting and education platform, Pet Schooled. After years of hard work, I can't tell you how happy and excited I was to finally launch Pet Schooled to the public at large. Then, COVID happened. While it hampered the ability of Pet Schooled in it's first year, COVID also drove the search for truth down a different avenue which is proving to be a large success.  The avenue here is one of public records. There is a severe lack of transparency and consistent conversation stemming from public agencies who are tasked with "regulating" the pet food industry, to the consumer and citizen. It often feels that "regulatory" officials