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Pissy Email From FDA-CVM Simply More Evidence Of Agency's Ongoing Anti-Citizen & Anti Democracy Campaigns

It seems like many more citizens other than myself are now experiencing first hand, what I've been reporting on for more than 10 years now. A federal agency, FDA-CVM (Center For Veterinary Medicine), ill equipped to actually regulate, leading to a highly unregulated pet food industry . On top of that, years long FOIA delays, FDA-CVM employees engages in promulgating regulations in private, FDA-CVM employees regulating by "opinion" instead of law, while refusing to enforce federal law when it comes to many circumstances surrounding big dry pet food. Most disturbingly, FDA-CVM employees telling citizens their only opportunity to engage in rule making is to petition the government by filing citizen petitions, then the agency's failure to provide final answers on citizen petitions, and additional refusals to commit to a date in which the agency will be providing a final response.  FDA-CVM's latest email to me on March 16, 2022 from their anonymous ASK CVM email addres