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Report: CDC Data Concerning "Deaths" Associated With Humans Handling Raw Pet Diets

There are many claims by public health agencies concerning raw pet food diets, CDC being one of those agencies. As an effort to understand the actual truth and data behind many of the claims being made, we at Pet Schooled have been conducting ongoing research through the federal freedom of information act request law. This law allows citizens the ability to access and see government agency records. 

Requests were made to CDC for "all reports made to cdc...pertaining to humans dying from handling any commercially available raw food diets for dogs or cats."

The years for these requests spanned 2009 through 2020. 

CDC confirmed they had no reports, data, or records stating time and time again "A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request" for each year and each request made for these reports of deaths

No human deaths have been reported to CDC in years 2009 through 2020, for humans handling raw pet food diets. 

Many articles published by veterinarians, corporations, and other organizations often cite "CDC" reports of human deaths related to salmonella as a "recommendation" against feeding raw pet diets. "Human handling" is often the main reason for this recommendation against feeding raw pet diets. 

This research endeavor by Pet Schooled confirms no such deaths have occurred, and then been reported to CDC, regarding "deaths" of humans handling commercial raw pet food diets.


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