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AAFCO Removes State Regulator Information From Their Website

Earlier this year, any citizen could visit the AAFCO website and find their state feed control official who currently participates in this private corporation. AAFCO has apparently publicly removed the names and contact information of state feed control officials who are involved in and helping to operate this “private corporation.” This private corporation of public regulators isn’t always the most “transparent” group of people, and this recent move is one more display of angst public regulators are having against citizens who are questioning this shadow government organization.

In the below photo, you can see the old version of the AAFCO website, which clearly shows that George Ferguson is the main state feed control official contact.

In the current version of the AAFCO website, this information has been removed. The main state feed control official contact information is no longer available. The division director information is no longer available.

Over the past few years, a growing number of citizens have bene questioning and challenging the public regulators who are performing rule making and regulatory work via this private corporation umbrella. State and federal public regulators refuse to hold public regulatory meetings, and instead continue to develop ingredients, definitions, and model regulations at “private” meetings, out of compliance with the federal administrative procedures act.

State and federal regulators probably don’t want citizens to know that what they do at this “private corporation” could actually be done publicly at the federal level. Given that the sole purpose of “AAFCO” is for states to have “commonality” in pet food ingredients, this could be accomplished at the federal level with public meetings. Any federal regulation could then be adopted “by reference” by any state.

AAFCO isn’t actually needed.

Don’t expect state regulators to perform their regulatory work publicly anytime soon though. FDA and their state “partners” are continuing to refuse to hold regulator public meetings where pet food ingredients and regulations are promulgated in accordance with the administrative procedures act. They are instead mainly planning to continue to engage in this type of regulatory work through their private “shadow government” corporation called AAFCO, where the process is kept as private and out of view of the public as much as possible.


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